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Rural Life


Not really rural but it’s plenty of life.  The  Eiffel Tower on Las Vegas’s main drag.
I had forgotten all about even taking this photo while I was there, do you ever do that?  This will probably be the closest I will ever get to viewing the real thing.  Taken straight from the Nikon, to computer, to you.

Rurality Blog Hop #6


Reviewing March 2011


I believe that while my memory is adequate, it is far from amazing.  For me, there is a trick to Remembering things.  It all begins with Reviewing.

Reviewing an experience is different that Remembering.  In fact, Reviewing is an important process that actually precedes RememberingReviewing is something that must be done while the experience is still fresh in your mind and in your heart.  

Some people Review their experiences by keeping a journal.  They Record events in detail almost as soon as they transpire. 

My journal keeping  involves my camera.  I gather and save images that will Remind me of experiences, special places and memorial events. 

I enjoy going back in my photo files Reviewing, Remember and Recalling.  Today was just such a day, a day for Remembering.  Where was I a year ago, what was I doing?  Who was I with, where did we go?

The weather here in Idaho was just starting to break for spring.  There wasn’t any leaves, buds or flowers out as the snow, in places was still piled.  Last winter was a very good snow year.

Unlike this year, calving season was just getting started.  The horses were in search for anything green to feed on. As for snow-maching, I was just finishing up my last ride for the season.  This season snow-machining really sucked.

I found some of my favorite photos from last March, some that I had forgotten all about.
It’s good to look back to remember where you’ve been.

There were so so many peacocks last year. This year, no so many as the coyotes thinned them out.  They thinned out the turkeys and geese as well.  I am hoping for a good spring hatch to replace those that are missing.

YES I am proud to say that I live on a working cattle ranch.  I can’t think of any better way or place to spend my days.  I do however get a little tired of the spring mud that creeps into the back porch….

It so hard to get the girls to pose for a photo when there’s feeders full of green alpha hay to get eaten.




“In my world, everyone’s a pony and they all eat rainbows and poop butterflies!”
Dr. Seuss

Horse and mules, that’s what we use to ride, heard and work with.  They get the winter off but come round-up time these guys put in a full days work plus some. It’s been sometime since I’ve road a horse, I am more of the 4-wheeler rider now.

So like I wrote earlier it’s good Remember, good to look back.  Reality check-up!  Am I better today than I was last year?  I hope so.

 “You’re off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So… get on your way!”
Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

*Side Note- all the above photos where taken March 30th, 2011.

Week In Review – Idaho Falls, Idaho Area


The weather finally broke enough that I was able to get outdoors and do some much needed photo therapy.  While attending the High Desert Photography Club meeting this week, my photography juices were flowing.  My desire was to be able to capture some new architecture, find some interesting lines and work on my birding skills.
Old architecture is very hard to come across in and around my area due to the fact that I live in a large farming area.  Any piece of ground that becomes vacant is either planted on or grazed.  I am totally envious of all the photographers that have at their disposal the old rustic farm houses and out building.  Someday I hope to take a road trip and find some of my own to photograph.
I’ve been able to come across some really great restored images of old barns thanks to Pinterest, you can check out my architecture board (which will be continually added to) if you get a chance.  Let me know when and if you drop by.

Now for the reason that you stopped by, to view what I captured this past week.
Life on the Snake Rive is my first photo share.  This time of year the river is packed to the banks with all types of winter migrating birds.  The Canadian Geese happen to be my favorite to photography for two reasons: 1.  they aren’t so leery of people and 2.  there are so many of them.  Here’s my practice at capturing motion.

Coming In For A Landing
Taken with my Nikon D90 f/4.5 @ 1/1000 ISO 200
Now it’s on to practicing my Black and White photo conversions.  There is just something that I find so intriguing about taking the colors from a image. This process is a challenge for me as most times my images come off all muddy and soft looking.  I will have to practice a lot more to get something that has the B&W WOW factor.

  The Big Stretch
 f4.5 @ 1/1250 ISO 200
Summers Final Harvest
Nikon D90 f/11 @ 1/50 ISO 400
Bottles On The Window
 f/11 @ 1/30 ISO 1250 
Woops note to self ALWAYS check your ISO before shooting.

LDS Temple By The River
f/9 @ 1/400 ISO 200 

See what I mean about B&W images looking a bit muddy when converted?  I am after the crisp definition between the blacks and whites, I want the focal point to really POP of the page.  This is still a technique in search and training.

Trumpeter Swans Over The Snake River
f/5.6 @ 1/1000 ISO 200

One thing that I’ve learned while trying to capture birds in flight is you need a very FAST shutter speed, spot metering, long lens and patience.

Line Sight Sparrow Hawk

f/8 @ 1/500 ISO 200
Country Lane
f/10 @ 1/60 ISO 200

White On White

f/8 @ 1/1000 ISO 200 +2/3 EV

And Now for my persona favorite out all this weeks photos-
Birds On A Wire
f/10 @ 1/200 ISO 2100
I was shooting with pure luck having my shutter speed so slow, good thing these guys never attempted to make a move.  I am really liking the brown on brown effect of the Dove against the fall foliage.
Well that does it for this weeks photo review.  I still have lots to learn and don’t mind sharing what I’ve learned in the process of photo practice.  If you have a photo question, ask away and I’ll go out and pratice the photo concept and come back with the answer.
Thanks for dropping by and your comments are always appreciated.
Note to self – CHECK YOU ISO before shooting!