Out and About – Idaho Falls Photography


The weather lately is so unsettled, wind, rain, snow and a bit of sun.  How I wish that I could have just a few days of nothing but warm sunny weather with some puffy clouds through in for good photo effects.
So what do you do when you have the itch to go and photograph something, you resort to the neighbors farm and all the wild (not so wild) life.
I’ve loaded up my 1.4x tele-converter on my 300mm and I’m out the door in hope to capture the allusive peacocks.  So far I haven’t been able to get a good sharp image of these guy, I am really hoping to capture them with tails spread wide and in full color.

This farm is an old working dairy farm.  They don’t do much milking now days, just raising new replacement heffers for the larger dairies.  These gals weren’t to excited to have me interrupting there morning meal.  So tough to get a good photo of black and white animals.

I finally find what I’ve come to photograph, the large male peacocks.  I find this one hanging out in an old tree which appears to be on it last leg.  I am never out of eye contact as I set up my tripod and adjust my camera settings.  Peacocks are one of the best watch DOGS that I know of.  They’re always on the deference.  Come on Mr. Peacock you could work with me here a bit better.  Let’s see some colors, some action, some tail feathers.

This just isn’t going to be my day for the grand display of colors.  I did however manage to get some eye contact.  Perhaps if I bring this guy some birdie treats tomorrow perhaps he will be more will to work with me.

One of the unexpected pleasures you get while photographing at the farm is you never know who or what will show up and want to take along.

This is my new found camera friend, Leahla.  She was adorable and her eyes are to die for.
 I’ll going back as soon as the weather warms up a bit to take more photos of the wildlife with the aid of my new camera side kick.
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Mrs Stephanie T


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  1. I saw your post on A Rural Thursday. Neat pictures, love the colors you captured with the peacock. You are right your little friend's eyes are gorgeous.

  2. Just following along with your photo adventure makes me happy. And the cow photo reminds me of being in Ireland with my son when he was 19. When we'd walk past a pasture, the cows would nearly stampede to come to the fence and say hello to him. It was like he was a cow whisperer.

  3. wow, what great shots. the little girl is too cute!! i love how you got the one cow to look at your directly. too funny! great shots. thanks, for sharing at rural thursday. take care. (:

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