Market Lake Birding Session – Idaho Falls Photographer


Could spring really have arrived to my area?  Sixty seven degrees, the grass is turning green and I am off to go birding at Market Lake.  I here that there is a group of a thousand plus trumpeter swans that have some in on their migration route.  I am excited to see if this is true or not.
By the way Market Lake is a bird wild life area that is very close to my home town.  I love going there in any season to photograph birds, animals, landscapes and sunrises.

 Seeing black amongst all the white, snow geese and coots
 Heads up we’re coming in for a landing.
 Daydreaming or boredom, which is it I wonder?
 The only way to get up close and personal with wildlife is to have a REAL LONG LENS such as a 500mm.  Nice job Linda.
 Come on guys, can you give me a little breathing room please!!!
  Spring has sprung, the grass has riz and this is where all the butterflies is.  I know, bad English but what do you expect from a non-writer?
Linked with the following photo challenge


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